Biscuit's Mystery Club was a spin-off of Biscuit the Little Yellow Puppy. It aired on Time Warner Cable Kids on September 26, 2008. It is from Nelvana.


After a sunny day with his friends, Fleao, B-Toner & Sammy, Biscuit likes to sleuth on adventures. Whenever food problems begininng to getting a kite stuck in trees, Biscuit hunts the way for clues!


Biscuit: a brownish yellow puppy, the main Doggy Sleuth. He wears a curitan, shirt & mask.

Fleao: a purple poochie. She is used for a good steamroller on potholes, & wears a toupee, mask, & cape; she also has a Search Some Clues! shirt. She has been a remote control toy in 2009.

Sammy: a citzen of the crew. She also has a backpack to help get more power.

B-Toner: a fearless dog. He also is a Doggy Sleuth in one of the episodes.

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