Here is the transcript for a "Biscuit's Big Movie" scene, (2009) where Biscuit's race paws fail to stop while racing against Mr. Kenny:

Narrator: Biscuit & Mr. Kenny flew through town. They whooshed through the boardwalk, & zoomed close to the beach. Mr. Kenny went faster like the wind. He roared happily. Biscuit tried & tried.

  • laughs*

Mr. Kenny: Silly yellow explorer! Will he learn?

Biscuit: You can run slower than me, & I want to win!

Narrator: Biscuit went up a quick sand slide. He was trying to get to the top. At last, he did.

Biscuit: Hooray, I did it!

  • last pack of oil comes out*breaks*

Narrator: Then there was trouble; the quick sand skidded Biscuit forward down the boardwalk, & the last fuel had done it! Biscuit slipped off the floor & flew across.

Biscuit: AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH! I'm going to crash!

Narrator: Biscuit's racing paws lifted him higher, & higher, & higher. He was zooming quicker than Mr. Kenny!


Narrator: He zoomed out of the boardwalk, & into the food court.

Biscuit: Oh, no, I can't stop! I cannot stop!

Narrator: Biscuit crashed into many things!

  • crashes*


Mr. Kenny: Oh, my goodness!

Narrator: Biscuit flew right toward a ice cream van! Ice pops boinged into the air. And Biscuit crashed right through a hot dog stand. hot dogs flew into the air, & lifted Biscuit up above the clouds! But soon, he went on. He crash landed onto the woods (the ones behind Vetrains Memorial Elementary School) & moved toward a old figgity tree!

Biscuit: Woof! Woof! Woof!

Narrator: Biscuit soon finished his crash accident through a playground.

Biscuit: Oh, my gosh! That was horrible!

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