Here is the script for Biscuit: The Movie.

Biscuit: Hello everyone. Let's go get attacked! Crazy, isn't it? Enjoy the ride!

TV Cable Guy: I'm a little bit upset about the faulty wiring. I've finally had enough! Enjoy yourselves, but I've had an math test to study. If I don't get an C, I'll get thrown out of the visual club!..........................................(groans)

Talk Show Kenny: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Good night! I've had enough for this! Biscuit, what do you have to tell me?

Biscuit: The ride didn't start.

Talk Show Kenny: WHAT??? I can't start it! Sorry!......whoops.


Biscuit: Oh, no, I can't look!

B-Toner: Uh-oh. This isn't going to be good!

Fleao: Enjoy the ride!

Mr. Kenny & his team: There isn't a way out! (evil laugh) You are going to get pulverized!

Biscuit: Uh-oh......

Mr. Kenny: (jumps in one of the Kennycars with his team)

Everyone: (screams)

Mr. Kenny: Well, okay. Enjoy this ride! (laughs)

Biscuit: Oh, not again! Help! We've fallen, & this ride couldn't stoooooooooooooooopppp!

Fleao: You're supposed to stay seated, not bouncing!


Biscuit: I'm flying backward! (crashes) Ouch! Hey, we can see Staten Island from here! (barks, then screams) Stop, Mr. Boulder, please don't flatten meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Everyone: (screams)

Mr. Kenny: Welcome to the Kennyworld circus! Step right up! Hurry, hurry! (creaks)

Everyone: NOOOOOO......

(flies into the Babies in Toyland ride) (Baby gibberish)

Biscuit: Kiddy rides! Ewww! Please be safe.


Biscuit: (screams) No! Don't atttttaaaaacckk! (barks)

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