Biscuit & Mr. Kenny was published in 2004 to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Biscuit, then released for a limited time for the Biscuit Story Buddy.


Biscuit is walking over to Mr. Kenny's house for a visit, until he is disturbed by trespassing Mr. Kenny's route.

Mr. Kenny says to Biscuit that the date he has with Fleao is in 63 days, causing Biscuit to stop his sentence about dates. He decides to have a party near a next door restaurant (known as Doggy Burger) so he can remember Biscuit's saying.

As he is done with the party on pages 12-26, he decides to tell Biscuit something for wrecking the party: "GET TO WORK!!!" This causes everything to fall off. Broken doorboards are scattered to smithereens.

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