Biscuit & the Roller Coaster (Roller Boaster in the US) is a Biscuit episode from Season 10, which aired on November 8, 2008 (UK), & January 6, 2009 (US)


Biscuit rides a roller coaster called The Thing, but suddenly, gets unexpected results from Mr. Kenny.

Opening Segment:

During a fair, Biscuit says to the viewer that while riding a roller coaster, you might get scared! But, when Mr. Kenny hears "-scared!", he walks over to Biscuit; he will build a frightning roller coaster for dogs, & he starts construction shortly thereafter.


After Mr. Kenny starts work on the roller coaster he talked about, Biscuit goes to the gym field. But instead, he finds a roller coaster themed to Thing Mine.

Mr. Kenny says it will be a Thing by now, & thinking he is a nincompoop, he builds a B while Biscuit walks away. Fleao tells Biscuit the new coaster will be fun, & she watches Mr. Kenny build B-I-S-C-U-I-T I-S A-N N-I-N-C-O-M-P-O-O-P! while the ride is built.

Biscuit goes to the principal's office to talk about the ride with Mr. Kenny, in which Mr. Kenny responds with "Oh yeah? Well, you shouldn't talk about the ride nor the street fair until I make a little more adjustments!" This makes Biscuti cross & he goes backward on all fours angrily. The little yellow dog finds that a street fair has gone to town but finds that near the ice cream truck is an Thing Mine-style mine shaft with the sign "THING; Ride it for your life!" He finds a huge crowd of animals getting ready to ride it, but finds that his nincompoop sign is an inversion for the ride. He later decides to get some tickets for a ice cream cone & does so. However, the flavor he wants is neither & he runs to the back of the line. He later cuts the line (reached up to 45 minutes because of the enormous crowd) & becomes in the front row of the first vehicle. As he rides the vehicle, he is whisked through a bush & gets stuck in Manuel's farm again.

The idea works due to Mr. Kenny earning a world record for Best Roller Coaster in the World!.

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