Hasbro to make Bob the Builder & Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! toys in 2012

After canceling Care Bears for the holiday season for Fisher-Price to make them, Hasbro brings back the range of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy for the last year's fad.

The hallmark item is the Runaway Skateboard Wubbzy toy from Playskool:

Eletronic Runaway Skateboard Wubbzy ($19:99, Fall 2012) Wubbzy's out-of-control skateboard runs away from Widget, Walden & Daizy in the new episode, Wubbzy Jumps Out. Using the automatic ramp, Wubbzy does super cool tricks by pressing his skateboard backward & letting him catapulted through strong winds!

Also, Bob the Builder comes back in the Big Dino Dig as the team builds a theme park.

The trademark item is the Tonka Lift Out Lofty:

Lift Out Lofty from Bob's Mission Build-It! ($39:53, Spring 2011) During a heavy wind, Bob's windmill comes loose. But, when Lofty makes a Lift-out roller coaster, it turns into a disaster. Lofty lifts out, lifts his front bunker, & does a back flip when zooming down the inverted hill! Great stunts mean big building missions.

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