'Let's Go Meet Time Warner Cable Kids at the Park!' is located at Ryan Bannon Studios Park Florida. It opened on July 4, 2009, then again on June 1, 2011. It is about 684 inch tall & is the largest land in the park. It also has PBS Kids GO! & Bookworm Bunch shows.

The rides are:

  • Caillou: a ride that opened in Florida's Land of Enchantment park in 2006 after the park opened on May 5, 1997. It was moved here in 2008 due to construction. You enter Caillou's world & even go through the house, including Caillou's bedroom, of course, along with a shocking Caillou-themed closet scene where a tantrum is heard along with a tornado scene where Caillou whirls around due to the wind.
  • Clifford's Doggy World: a area themed to Clifford, themed to look like the 2007 area at PBS Place 3 & the 2008 area at PBS Place; unlike a roller skater, this includes a family inverted coaster named "Clifford's Red Flyer".
  • Care-a-lot: another area, with 7 rides like a frog hopper called "Oopsy's Cloud Bumper", & a roller coaster called "Lucky Charm Express".
  • Arthur's Elwood City: another area, opened 2008 in the apartment theme park called "PBS/Time Warner Cable Universe, including a roller coaster named "Crop Buster".
  • Looney Tunes Seaport: found in the Florida park in 2005, this is now here & now has a roller coaster named "Road Runner Express" & a ride called "Bugs' Plunge".
  • Hasbro Central: Opened in 2003; now had a revention from yesterday. New rides include the Tonka "Big Air Dare" roller coaster & the Operation Bouncing Ride.
  • Diary of a Land: opening in 2006 as Storybook Land, this includes The Rodrick Rules Coaster (formerly Winnie the Zoom at the Disney section of Ryan Bannon Studios Park Hollywood), The Whirley Street Kids roller coaster, & Rowley's Whoppin' Planes.


  • Caillou's Rocket Express: a monorail that takes you 5 stories above the ground. Opened 2011.
  • Caillou: a dark ride. Opened 2009 & originaly opened in 2006 & 2003. This opened in the same time that Rosie's Revenge started out at movie theatures.
  • Lucky Charm Express: themed to the Care Bear named Cheer Bear, this coaster is made by Vekoma. Opened 2006, then again on 2011.
  • Kung Fu Po Coaster: a roller coaster that is made by Zierer & is a Force Air Grover design. Opened in 2011.

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