Here are a list of Hasbro World attractions, in the order they are placed:

Chuck's Adventure Town:

By the time everyone enters the park, they are ushered to this section. The Town is 36 acres wide, with 2 roller coasters & 5 other rides. This is the list in order in which they are placed from left to right.

  • Chuck's Big Air Dare: a Zierer kiddie coaster. It has an 5-car train & opened in 2005 as a part of Star Wars Galaxy, before being Chuck and Friends themed in 2011.
  • Handy's Towing School: a scrambler. Its cars are made to resemble Handy & his tow hook as the spinner. It is made to resemble a pile of junk & opened in 2011.
  • Rowdy's Trash Crash: a Jumpin' Star by Zamperla based on the 2010 Power PlaYard set of the same name. The ride's tower resembles a ramp used in the set, with a Rowdy statue placed on top of it. The ride opened in 2011 along with Adventure Town.
  • Biggs' Redneck: a summer-field themed Crazy Bus. It resembles a monster truck with a cowboy's hat on top of it & has an field-like background on a barn.
  • Boomer's Highway: a Zamperla coaster opened in 2001 as Tonka Towing Gallery" until 2006.
  • Soku-SAN Spin: A turntable ride that turns many Soku-shaped cars around a obstacle course.
  • Flip's Tune & Spin: A Wave Swinger.

Elefun and Friends Savannah:

  • Elefun's Blow & Fly:

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