The Biscuit's Big Movie feature film was released on VHS on August 27, 2002. Here are the promos shown after & before the movie:

Before the film:

  • FBI Warning (Sony Wonder)
  • Sony Wonder Logo
  • Family Home Entertainment Kids Logo
  • Coming to Videocassete and DVD
  • Season 1 5-Disc Set Promo (coming soon version)
  • Charlotte's Web: Wilbur's Great Adventure Teaser
  • Now Available on Videocassete & DVD
  • SpongeBob SquarePants VHS & DVD Promo
  • Magical Friends Biscuit Toy Commercial
  • SK8TR Biscuit Toy Commercial
  • Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius VHS & DVD Promo
  • Doggy Dough Snowball Fight Toy Commercial
  • Nick Jr. Video Promo (2002 version)
  • Biscuit Video/DVD Promo
  • Bee Attackin' Tucker Toy Commercial
  • Feature Presentation
  • Paramount 90th Anniversary Logo
  • Funding
  • Stay tuned after the feature for a wordful Biscuit episode!
  • First few 5 minutes of the film

After the film:

  • Biscuit's Great Adventure Commercial
  • Funding
  • Klasky-Csupo Logo (Graffiti)
  • Biscuit's Book of Words (S02/E27/P1)
  • Check your local listings

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