RAGE! Coaster is an suspended looping coaster at Ryan Bannon Studios Park Florida's EPCOTRyan. It opened in October 4, 1998 when the park grew to size with MurdererTown.


The ride does have seat belts, but have an harness around them, making them look like an car seat. The belt & harness must be on tightly.

This has an 360-degree loop, making it easier to see the entire resort from it.


You enter the ride vehicle, which is shaped like an komodo dragon. You then enter a VERY tricky & high slope.

The ride is very giant because of the loop & the hill. As soon the guests are lifted, they get thrown 63 mph. & enter an helix. As they cross the loop, an steam sound effect is heard & the guests are launched into an barn. You then fall into an bucket of apples & pineapples. The guests approach a corkscrew & see another train ahead.

The other train is launched 55 mph. & crashes into the other train. Then, both two look like they're both going to collide, but a barrel roll & a loop make them miss. The guests go into an innelman loop, then go into another inversion: a second barrel roll back to the station.


  • 1999: In March 1999, just six months after its day view, the train unexpectly stopped on the loop & then went backward. The incident was then followed by the EPCOTRyan cast members pulling the train back up the lift hill, with the train turned backwards. The train had to go backward for 4 weeks (expect the other train that the riders will run into).

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