Opened in 2011 at RBSPHSP, Steve the Fire Truck Midway Romp is an interactive dark ride. It takes an journey through an carnival owned by Steve, Biggity, Boomer & Oku.


You see an sign that says:

Warning: This ride takes a roll around an carnival. The ride vehicle will suddenly accelate, turn & spin.

You enter through a garage that is themed to look like a circus tent. You enter an repair yard, where Boomer the garbage truck is going to go the carnival with the help of his new turntable. Your Boomer will turn to the Water Game. This game focuses on shooting some targets hold by Biggity's tow hook.

Boomer will spin abruptly after you finish the game. You twirl to the next game called "Steve's Firehouse". This game will take place in putting out an fire with Steve with areobatic results.

The Boomer will go 25 mph. (the top speed it goes) & will spin around

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