The Many Adventures of Steve the Fire Engine is an Canadian computer-animated show on Donut & Time Warner Cable Kids. It first aired on Teletoon on June 6, 2010, then on the other two on October 28, 2010.


Season 1 (2010):

This season has 16 episodes.

Episode 1-1 Goodbye Racer (First broadcast May 5, 2010)

Steve's toy race car is out of control & only Steve's hose & Biggity's tow hook can stop it.

Episode 1-2 Tough Squeeze (first broadcast June 6, 2010)

Boomer the garbage truck (first appearence) is stuck in a hole & Oku & Diggity must help him get out.

Episode 2-1 Gone Fishing (first broadcast June 12, 2010)

An monster truck (Baggity) is fishing & the trucks must sneak past the bridge he is on.

Episode 2-2 Thick & Skin (first broadcast June 12, 2010)

Steve is stuck in an mine shaft because of his thickness & Biggity has to rescue him.

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