Here are the fake trailers from Barney in Concert 2005 DVD.

Here are the orders:Edit

  1. Trailers Menu
  2. Fraggle Rock Trailers Menu
  3. Fraggle Rock: Live By the Rule of the Rock Trailer
  4. Fraggle Rock: Dance Your Cares Away Trailer
  5. Fraggle Rock Trailers Menu
  6. Trailers Menu (Again)
  7. Barney Trailers Menu
  8. Barney: Just Imagine Trailer
  9. Barney: Ready, Set, Play! Trailer
  10. Barney Trailers Menu
  11. Trailers Menu (Again)
  12. Bob the Builder Trailers Menu 
  13. Bob the Builder: Getting the Job Done! Trailer
  14. Bob the Builder: Yes We Can! Trailer
  15. Bob the Builder Trailers Menu
  16. Trailers Menu (Again)
  17. The Wiggles Trailers Menu 
  18. The Wiggles: Lights, Camera, Action! Trailer
  19. The Wiggles: Live Hot Potatoes! Trailer
  20. The Wiggles Trailers Menu 
  21. Trailers Menu (Again)
  22. Thomas & Friends Trailers Menu
  23. Thomas & Friends: Calling All Engines Trailer
  24. Thomas & Friends: Songs from the Station Trailer
  25. Thomas & Friends Trailers Menu
  26. Trailers Menu (Again)
  27. Angelina Ballerina Trailers Menu
  28. Angelina Ballerina Videos Trailer
  29. Angelina Ballerina: Lights, Camera, Action! Trailer
  30. Angelina Ballerina Trailers Menu
  31. Trailers Menu (Again)
  32. ToddWorld Trailers Menu
  33. ToddWorld: Come on Over to My House Trailer
  34. ToddWorld Videos Trailer
  35. ToddWorld Trailers Menu
  36. Trailers Menu (Again)
  37. Animal Jam Trailers Menu
  38. Animal Jam Videos Trailer (First Version)
  39. Animal Jam Videos Trailer (Second Version)
  40. Animal Jam Trailers Menu
  41. Trailers Menu (Again)
  42. Kipper Trailers Menu
  43. Kipper: Puppy Love Trailer
  44. Kipper Videos Trailer
  45. Kipper Trailers Menu
  46. Trailers Menu (Again)
  47. Frances Videos Trailer
  48. Trailers Menu (Again)

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